Preventor, a next-generation SaaS-based FCRM solution, provides a full KYC/AML offering with a complete community collaboration component allowing members of the Preventor network to work together toward compliance and increasing dramatically the success for identity and suspicious activity reporting.  Our unique solution provides the full set of capabilities available in competitive solutions at a fraction of the cost. Learn more below and contact us for more information!
  • Preventor SaaS – Full KYC/AML Functionality in the Cloud, For FIs and Corporations
  • Preventor ID – Full Self-Service Onboarding and Monitoring Functions, For Corporations and End-Customers
  • Preventor Share – Network Collaboration Functions for all Network Users, For FIs, Government, Corporations, and End-Customers

Preventor SaaS - Our KYC/AML Foundation

Preventor SaaS: The Preventor application provides all the required capabilities for an end-to-end KYC/AML platform including regulatory oversight as well as detailed dashboards for the management of client’s onboarding and ongoing monitoring needs.

Preventor SaaS includes a complete subsystem for the interaction and management of Global Watchlists, we bring external data feeds and list management into a centralized console that allows for easy validation and management of watchlist occurrences.

The Preventor solution also provides key capabilities that drive the data side of the business required for AML management as well as operational needs. Some of these AML capabilities include: real-time monitoring, AI algorithms on the analytics and “discovery” side, and alert and case management systems on the operations side.

On the investigative front, the inclusion of advanced AI capabilities with an eye toward visualizations in a network or network connected point-of-view, provide the surfacing of hidden relationships and advanced entity relationships all in a seamless visual solution.

Preventor ID - Self-Service Onboarding

Preventor ID: Financial identity and identity management shouldn’t just be the job and purview of the KYC investigator. With the Preventor KYC Wallet, the management of financial identity information both by the owner as well as beneficiaries is a new and unique approach to KYC. Financial Identities are stored in the Preventor blockchain and users are rewarded with KNOW tokens based on their drive to maintain their own identities and their corresponding relationships.

The Preventor ID component provides onboarding collaboration capabilities between all parties including self-service onboarding. Our solution fuses state-of-the-art identity authentication with real-time identity data analytics to allow you to segment your customers by opportunity value while providing document authentication and all the core capabilities of an inward-looking KYC platform, all presented to your corporate and individual clients and manage to collect and provide the detail that you need for your business.

Preventor Share - Token Based Collaborative Compliance

Preventor Share: As KYC compliance has evolved, it is now evident that a collaborative approach to compliance is the best approach. Preventor believes that in order to encourage this collaborative approach, the organizations doing the heavy lifting for research and investigation should be monetarily compensated by any users of that data. The KNOW token ecosystem for KYC collaboration facilitates that view and approach