AML risk screening

Protect your business against fraud and comply with regulatory mandates, including screening against sanctions lists and conducting customer due diligence.

AML risk screening.
AML Risk Screening allows you to assess the potential risks associated with your clients by screening against OFAC, global sanctions watchlists, PEP, and adverse media.
Sanctions compliance.

Sanctions compliance

  • OFAC and global sanctions watchlists.
  • Sanctions control and ownership (SCO).
  • OFAC 50 percent rule from SDN and SSI.
  • Special interest persons (SIP).
  • Special interest entities (SIE).
  • Relatives and close associates (RCA).
  • Criminal categories and corruption.
  • Exclusion, export control, travel restriction, and other official lists.

Political exposed people (PEP)

  • Government officials – 17 job role categories at the national, regional, and local levels.
  • PEP data - 6 job role categories for organizations that often have significant influence or control over a government.
  • 26 categories of family members and 16 categories of close associates.
Political exposed people (PEP).
Adverse media and negative news.

Adverse media and negative news

  • FATF aligned categorization.
  • Screening against individuals and entities
  • Powered by natural language processing (NLP) technology from Ripjar, a global leader in data intelligence software, to automatically identify client risk across various data sources in real time.

Payments and transactions screening

  • Screen incoming and outgoing payments and transactions in real-time.
  • AML screening against OFAC, global sanctions, PEP, and adverse media.
  • Reduced false positives.
  • Integrated with Preventor Compliance Platform case management and CRM modules.
  • Seamless API integration.
Payments and transactions screening.
Continuous customer monitoring.

Continuous customer monitoring

  • Automated monitoring of frequent updates by international governments and bodies of sanctions lists, official lists, exclusion lists, PEPs, and negatives news.
  • Ongoing monitoring of existing customers.
  • Integrated with the Preventor compliance platform to automate the risk-based profile updates.

Trade compliance

  • Complete transaction-specific due diligence.
  • Complete dual-use goods checks.
  • Check the origin and destinations.
  • Screen for sanctioned counter parties, locations, and vessels.
  • Track the movement of goods and vessels in real-time.
  • Sanctions and other official lists relevant to trade counterparty risk.
  • A list of dual-goods match phrases including associated terms and brands names typically found on shipment documentation.


Vessels linked to comprehensively sanctioned countries


Explicitly Sanctions vessels


Cities & ports in sanctions countries & regions

Trade compliance.

Seamless integration

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Seamless integration.

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