The Future of Threat Management

Collaboration in KYC/AML activities is a rather new idea and from Preventor’s perspective, an idea whose time has arrived. Collaborative capabilities in KYC is now made possible with the advent of blockchain.

By definition, a collaborative KYC network is an ecosystem in which all parties work together to collect, review, and identify the legitimacy, from a regulatory point of view, of its customers and their financial activity.

Threat identification can no longer be the job of the individual but must move to a collaborative, network-based, threat assessment in which all parties work together to achieve this common goal.

This is Preventor, a state-of-the-art KYC/AML solution that delivers all pertinent capabilities in an AI driven, cloud solution that utilizes blockchain and tokenization to share key identity and monetary information enabling a market in which all parties collaborate and work together to deliver on the requirements and need for superior threat assessment and management.

Preventor, Why Compete to Find the Bad Guys.

Our Principles

Preventor was founded to deliver a new way to comply with global KYC and AML regulations. Preventor adheres to six core principles that guide our thinking, they are:

Transparent Customer Identities

Customer identities will be individually owned and maintained within the Preventor blockchain network.

Community Driven

KYC is a community process, not an individual FI process.

Good Actors Should Be Easily Identifiable

The Good Guys want to stand out and therefore should be a certifiable signature of data that is globally recognized.

Everyone Should Work Together

We all want to monitor and identify threats to the world around us. With the sharing of information and work, threats will be more easily identifiable.

Nothing in This World is Free

Work is not free, research is not free, it costs companies manpower, time, and significant expenditure. When you complete an assessment, the next company that relies on this foundation of work, should compensate you for that work. It’s that simple.

It’s Time for a New Model

It’s time for a model in which we are not competing to assess threats but collaborating to end them.

Why Think Differently

Different is the only path to growth. Embrace different, achieve success.

How can Preventor help my business?

The Preventor solution creates a monetary positive, collaborative ecosystem in identity and transaction surveillance. Stakeholders operate within a collaborative ecosystem in which work can be monetized and purchased by all parties. This approach significantly improves the business model of compliance for new account acquisition and maintenance. Additionally, this approach results in an improvement of the pain points and the streamlining of regulatory compliance. Reductions in headcounts and overall costs of compliance, monetary fines, duplicative efforts in customer onboarding and ongoing monitoring are all made possible with the Preventor approach.

Collaboration and KYC/AML

The KNOW Token:

The Preventor KNOW token is the core mechanism for the management and monetization of work within the Preventor ecosystem. As KYC compliance has been redefined, the KNOW token was created along with new workflows that enable a collaborative approach to compliance. Preventor believes that in order to encourage this collaborative approach, customers maintaining their own financial identity information as well as organizations doing the heavy lifting for research and investigation should be monetarily compensated by other users of that data. The KNOW token ecosystem for KYC collaboration facilitates this approach.

Product & Service Pricing

As a SaaS solution, the Preventor platform is offered and priced in a tiered fashion, as such, we have tiers available for many sized partners.

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The Leadership Team

Preventor is a talented and experienced team of complementary backgrounds and skills that range from deep Financial Services industry expertise to leading-edge, hands-on blockchain experience. Recognized for their contribution to their respective fields, the Preventor team is well positioned to deliver on your FCRM needs focusing on solutions that will continue to drive down the cost of regulatory compliance. Key members of the Preventor team are:

Jaime Ramirez
Founder and Chairman
Serial entrepreneur and executive professional with over 30+ years of experience in Business, Banking, MSB, RegTech, and Information Technology. He has specialized for the last 17 years on the design and development of Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Prevention, and Compliance solutions; certified as CAMS, CPAML, AMLCA, PMP, and CSM.

Timothy Myers
Chief Executive Officer
Business and Technology Leader with over 30 years experience in financial, Insurance, and reg-tech businesses working on leading edge designs built on BigData, blockchain, and other transformational and disruptive technologies.

Rohit Sharma
Chief Technology Officer
Fintech executive with more than 25 years of results in delivering risk, financial crime compliance, payments, cards, digital and data solutions in the financial services industry. Rohit is a strong technology leader with extensive experience in Enterprise software solutions for FCRM including solutions utilizing AI, BigData and Blockchain.

Guilherme Junqueira Franco
Chief Compliance Officer
Brazilian qualified attorney and Compliance Officer with more than 20 years of experience in the Compliance and Legal areas having worked in top Fortune 500 multinational companies. In these roles, he served as Chief Compliance Officer establishing and overseeing programs in over 40 countries in Latin American and the caribean.

Enrique Cepeda
Head of Business Development – LATAM
An executive with more than thirty years of experience in Information Technology companies, Enrique has actively collaborated in the expansion of large technology companies such as Baan, People Soft, Epiphany, Witness, SAS, Sun Microsystem in Latin America, in different directives positions in sales, services and business development. Enrique has deep professional experience in banking, insurance, telecommunications and government.

Carlos Romero
Carlos has extensive experience in Executive Business Development and Global Sales​, a mechanical engineer and marketing expert with a solid commercial network, he is responsible for advising the Preventor management team on topics including direct and channel sales and development.

Albert Santalo
A computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur and angel investor with experience in high growth, venture-backed technology companies.

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