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Preventor was founded in 2017 in Delaware, our headquarters are based in Miami, FL. USA. Since then, we have expanded our business to Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and France.

With over 35 years of experience, our team continues to work towards an efficient, secure way to identify and prevent fraud, and to deliver a new way to comply with global KYC and AML regulations. Our mission, however, goes well beyond that.

Transparency in identity is essential to our economy and the attainment of freedom and safety around the world. This transparency, and how to achieve it, is foundational to Preventor's core beliefs and pursuits. Some argue that anonymity and transparency cannot exist together. At Preventor, we understand and are in lockstep with the evolutions of electronic currencies and their global impact.

How all of these diverging tracks and ideas fit together into a risk model for the new economy is our work's heart and focus. As a result, a new business model is required in this ever more prominent, costly, and growing risk capability on which all FI, Insurance, and related businesses rely.


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“To provide the world superior quality identity and monetary monitoring services as a matter of practice, not reaction.” 


“To be the company where the world turns to know if they can trust who they are interacting with.”
"Preventor believes that by offering a state-of-the-art cloud-based financial crime management solution designed with built-in collaboration and value exchange, we can make knowing and trusting who you’re dealing with as easy as a single click."

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Get to know the team

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Preventor is the next generation self-service digital identity and fraud prevention collaborative platform for individuals, businesses, and governments.