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We invite you to experience our products based on our Open Services Platform.

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Digital onboarding in action

Test our self-service digital onboarding authentication processes, get familiar with the biometrics identity document authentication, photo match and liveness detection, as well as our complete streamline onboarding which includes AML screening, KYC, risk-based profile, and auto-acceptance workflow in less than 60 seconds.

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Ongoing authentication in action

Test our post-onboarding customer ongoing identity authentication processes, experience the variety of biometrics authentication and identity verification methods; in a real-life situation you can combine face and periocular recognition, face-video recognition, liveness detection, and voice recognition workflows depending on the risk of the transaction and/or process that needs to be authorized by your client.

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AML risk screening in action

Test our AML risk screening of you customer against OFAC, global watchlists, PEP, and adverse media. Our risk screening processes are integrated with the onboarding and continuous monitoring of your customers, as well online monetary transactions with third parties.

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