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Reduce fraud losses on recurring transactions, replace vulnerables one-time passcode and improve user experience with friction-less biometrics authentications.

Continuous authentication
The Preventor multi-factor biometric authentication framework offers high-performance, field-proven face and video liveness detection, and voice recognition.

Passwords and One-Time-Passcode are vulnerables

A single data breach can put the corporation at risk and can be very costly.

Multi-factor biometrics authentication

Preventor's biometric continuous authentication framework offers high-performance, risk-based, multi-factor authentication that can be tailored to multiple business workflows.

Bio face

Periocular eye recognition technology is capable of recognizing partially hidden faces, such as face masks. Examines fine features around the eyes, such as eyelashes, eyelids, eyebrows, and skin folds, as well as full or partial iris when visible.

By using AI algorithms during the analysis of the physical appearance of the face, Preventor can estimate the age range of the individual to be compared with the date of birth.

Liveness detection

Preventor uses field-proven face and video liveness detection to prevent virtually all types of attacks during onboarding and ongoing authentication, such as online login, banking, and any process that requires authorization.

Our liveness detection distinguishes images or motion mimicked by photos and videos from real faces. In addition, our liveness detection for face recognition blocks masks, avatars and other sophisticated spoofing attempts like deepfakes.

Bio voice

Voice biometrics is a technology that is based on the recognition of voice patterns to verify the identity of people. This is possible because each person’s vocal tract is unique.

Voice authentication makes spoofing exponentially more difficult for fraudsters by assuring your users' identity through their voice.

Preventor detects a variety of voice spoofing types, including recorded, filtered, and synthetic voices. Optionally, random numeric passphrases can be required for even more comprehensive spoof protection.

Bio video

Preventor's Video (Face + Voice) Biometrics is an integrated multi-factor, multi-engine identification and verification solution.

Biomeric video in conjunction with liveness detection deliver advanced Multi-factor biometrics authentication (MFA) security in a non-intrusive, easy-to-use format with minimal friction, so it's easily accepted by users.

Device intelligence

Preventor Device Intelligence reads device fingerprinting to prevent digital fraud and identity theft as part of the MFA verification toolkit.

This information value can be inserted as part of continuous authentication workflows to identify, monitor, or apply device and geolocation rules.

Passwordless authentication

Biometric passwordless authentication cannot be hacked like a password, so using biometrics makes it almost impossible for others to access your device and data.

Preventor's passwordless can be used in multiple use cases, such as login or to authorize any transaction using our multi-factor biometric authentication.

Attack types detected

Victim impersonation

Fraudster attempts to defeat a security mechanism by impersonating a victim with a biometrically matching spoof.

Identity concealment

Fraudster attempts to conceal their identity to avoid detection in biometric searches and eliminate. evidence of their activity.

Attach types detected.
A la carte

Purchase alternatives, with liveness, matching face, video, and voice offered independently.

To truly adopt a zero-trust security approach, the best solution is to integrate biometrics into your access workflows for full confidence in identity verification.

Biometrics a la carte.
Case management

Case management can be time consuming and tedious work. However, Preventor Case Management makes this process much simpler and more efficient.

List case management
Seamless integration

We understand the importance of running a business smoothly. That’s why we’ve become relatively obsessed with perfecting our Preventor Open System Platform.

You can quickly integrate your app using our mobile native SDKs, your browser application with our Web SDK and have the responsive look and feel, as well your backend with our Rest-APIs and webhooks, all of them personalized with your branding and your business workflows.

Seamless integration

Preventor Auth

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