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Digital onboarding

Streamline and fully automated self-service onboarding process for your customers journey.

Digital onboarding
Preventor Client Lifecycle Management (CLMP) is a comprehensive solution for your institution

Growing your business without frontiers

Preventor offers the possibility of opening new markets (both geographically and in new segments) through remote onboarding.

Risk-based workflow builder

At Preventor, we help your business fully automate and streamline digital onboarding processes with a simple, fast, and customer-centric approach.
You can build unlimited omni-channel workflows according to your business process.

Digital identity verification

Onboard clients with a superior experience and peace of mind. Ensure that your customer is who they claim to be and prevent unwanted access to their accounts.

Preventor Identity Verification automates identity proofing, facial biometrics, liveness detection, photo matching, age and gender estimation and more, all automated in seconds. A smooth and frictionless user experience.

Credentials verifications

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    Social security/ EIN / TIN verification.
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    Verification against local government agencies.
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    Proof of age verification.
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    Phone authentication and health check.
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    Email authentication and health check.
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    Weblinks verification. coming soon
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    Background check. coming soon
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    Employment verification. coming soon
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    Credit scoring. coming soon

Proof of address

The address is an important identification attribute to verify the identity of an individual, it is often required to open a bank account or to access a financial service, as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Preventor automates the process to read and verify an acceptable proof of address from the user's device with a simple user experience.

Customized forms

Build your own forms and templates to collect the information needed to completed an onboarding process according to each business's workflows.

Improve your user's onboarding experience by fully automating the process and guiding them to success.

AML screening and
KYC auto-approval

Protect your business against fraud and comply with regulatory mandates, including screening against sanctions lists and conducting customer due diligence.

Streamline and automate the KYC and risk-scoring process, ensuring that you don't drive away the good customers while trying to keep out the bad.

Digital signature

Integrated electronic signature service for face-to-face and remote scenarios. It combines the simplicity of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics.

Our electronic signature is integrated with our flexible workflows to fully automate and digitalize your business process.

Customer-centric platform

A single 360 customer-centric view for all customer information from digital identity, digital onboarding, AML, KYx and transactions sources.

Bad actors are continually evolving and integration new ways to mask their identity. You need a solution that can go deeper than just a simple document check.

Risk-hub decision engine

Our highly configurable digital onboarding workflow is powered by a risk-based AI rules engine that can be easily updated to respond to evolving regulatory and operational requirements, your organization's risk appetite, and risks related to your business.

Preventor's risk-hub decision engine core module helps your institution automate approvals and rejections, reduce manual reviews, and filter out unwanted bad actors.

Attack types detected

Victim impersonation

Fraudster attempts to defeat a security mechanism by impersonating a victim with a biometrically matching spoof.

Identity concealment

Fraudster attempts to conceal their identity to avoid detection in biometric searches and eliminate. evidence of their activity.

Attach types detected.
A la carte

Purchase alternatives, with liveness, matching face, video, and voice offered independently.

To truly adopt a zero-trust security approach, the best solution is to integrate biometrics into your access workflows for full confidence in identity verification.

Biometrics a la carte.
Case management

Case management can be time consuming and tedious work. However, Preventor Case Management makes this process much simpler and more efficient.

List case management
Seamless integration

We understand the importance of running a business smoothly. That’s why we’ve become relatively obsessed with perfecting our Preventor Open System Platform.

You can quickly integrate your app using our mobile native SDKs, your browser application with our Web SDK and have the responsive look and feel, as well your backend with our Rest-APIs and webhooks, all of them personalized with your branding and your business workflows.

Seamless integration

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