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Obtain a complete picture of who your client really is and establish a clear communication flow in your organization with our client-centered platform.

Compliance solutions
Preventor Perpetual KYC, a top-notch KYC solution that transcends industry standards. Provides perpetual profile monitoring of individual customers and entities, including their UBOs and stakeholders.

Risk-based KYC

Not knowing your clients comes with hefty monetary and reputational penalties.  Regulators expect you to perform risk-based "know your customer" (KYC) procedures to comply with anti-bribery and anti-money laundering regulations. However, KYC can be time-consuming for businesses and off-putting for potential clients.

Complies with AML/CFT guidelines of FATF 40 recommendations, US Patriot Act, FinCEN, European Union Directives, and Wolfsverg Group.

Preventor Risk-based KYC allows you to streamline and automate the KYC and risk-scoring process, ensuring that you don't drive away the good customers while trying to keep out the bad.

Advanced KYB

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    Know your business, know your vendor, know your customer's customer

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    Seamless onboarding workflows with instant access to global corporate sources

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    Entity verification across 140 global corporate registries

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    Enhanced company profiles relating to registration details, company structure, company officials, shareholders and beneficial owners

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    Reveal complex corporate structures and verify beneficial owners

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    Retrieve unaltered filings and registry extracts from over 180 corporate registries

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    Data cleaning of outdated customer records with legal authorities, maintain the quality of data of your customer's data, monitor your companies

Advanced know your business.








Type of registries

Transactions monitoring

Preventor Risk can monitor in real-time the financial behavior of individuals and companies, their transactions, and report suspicious activities.

The streamline case management use flexible workflows to generate alerts, cases, and suspicious activity reports, it is full integrated with the collaboration management module.

Powerful AML analytics tools

Our AML analytics tools discovers patterns, learns behaviors, and improves results with efficient and cost-effective transaction monitoring, crypto assets, blockchain transactions, and analyze customer trends through machine learning algorithms.

Preventor AML analytics tools provides you the information you need to manage your risk in real time, persons a customer's trends analysis and time series clustering classification. Use AI machine learning algorithms to reduced false positives.

Case management

Case management can be time consuming and tedious work. However, Preventor Case Management makes this process much simpler and more efficient.

List case management
Integrated collaboration management

Our collaboration management features an intuitive interface to register internal and external communications with clients, such as notes, log calls, meetings, documents management, and internal workflow tasks.

Integrated customer relationship management.
Artificial intelligence with graph visualizer

Preventor's artificial intelligence makes the job of finding hidden relationships, tracking the flow of money, identifying complex patterns of fraud, and money laundering much more manageable.

Artificial intelligence with graph visualizer.
Configurable platform

Highly configurable according to your business needs, jurisdictions regulations, and budget. Preventor can be used by modules and can scale and growth with you. 

Designed and built in a cloud-based architecture leverages the full capabilities of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to provide an exceptional degree of security, availability, and scalability.

Configurable platform.
Seamless integration

We understand the importance of running a business smoothly. That’s why we’ve become relatively obsessed with perfecting our Preventor Open System Platform.

With a comprehensive and innovative Rest APIs and Webhooks working alongside our robust, user-friendly UI, we can integrate our solutions to any legacy system.

Seamless integration.

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